They Threw The Cat Out The Window! The Girl Who Saved The Cat Had To Run Away From The Owners Who Tortured It

Volunteers and lifeguards witnessed everything, and the pitiful story of a cat named Styopa also surprised me. It’s hard to believe that such a terrible thing is happening nearby. The cat lives in an ordinary high-rise building.

But it was a disaster for the cat because it was from the window of this high-rise that the cat often jumped into the street. This cat is unlucky with its owners. They often threw the cat out the window for no reason, it was quite badly injured, but no one provided medical assistance.

One autumn day, the cat again jumped out of the window, but things ended in a different direction this time.

The girl going downstairs saw the animal, it was dirty and lying motionless. The girl who brought the cat went to the veterinary clinic so that the doctors could take care of it.

But an owner discovered that he ran after the girl and tried to “convince” the girl not to bring the cat to the clinic. But the girl persisted and took the cat to the hospital. The girl doesn’t understand why they treat the cat like that!

Doctors diagnosed the cat with broken paws and internal bruising. The cat was temporarily put in a cast before the surgery. Luckily its ribs were intact, so the cat could soon recover and return to life.

The second day of surgery for the cat. During the surgery, unfortunately, the cat went into cardiac arrest, but fortunately, the veterinarians helped her heart work again.

After a period of care, the cat came back to life. Now everything is fine with the cat, he is eating well and is healthier.

Styopa is so lovely and friendly. Doctors say that the cat will soon be able to walk normally. As soon as it is walking and healthy, the cat will find a new owner.

But what is disappointing is that the previous owners who abused it have never been prosecuted for animal abuse. The cat will be very happy when it finds a new owner, and hopefully, its former owners will receive the appropriate punishment for their inhumane actions.

Dien Tran

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