The Large Tumor on Her Face Left Her Face and Eyes Completely Disfigured.

She was a beautiful pit bull in need of help. We all couldn’t imagine the pain she had to endure. She will need a lot of therapy.

A large tumor on her face completely disfigured her face and eyes. She could have had an abscess or cancer and had to do some tests to make a diagnosis.

Pearl was much loved by her wonderful adoptive mother, Lisa Perry.

Despite everything she’s been through, Pearl was still very sweet and sweet, and she enjoyed every minute of it. We were patiently waiting for the biopsy results to come in a few days.

Once diagnosed, I was able to make better decisions about what to do next.

Pearl’s pain was under control, and she was receiving a shower of love and affection. Pearl has had a rough day. But after that, she felt much better.

Her tumor increased in volume and seemed to get bigger. Pearl’s eyes started to go cold, and she had to take painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs, and antibiotics.

We were doing our best to make her as comfortable as possible until her results came in.

All the while, Pearl has received a lot of love and care from her wonderful breeder, Lisa Perry.

We took Pearl to her cancer and did a CT scan with Dr. Quarterman.

She gave me the CT results and promised Pearl 𝚚uite a few good things.

Pearl’s giant tumor did not invade her brain. It was only in the orbit around the eye and the nasal cavity. Her lymph nodes were fine and only slightly enlarged. There were several very small nodules in her lungs, so small they could never be detected on an X-ray.

Dr. Quarterman thought it would be possible to shrink Pearl’s tumor without surgical intervention.

Jinju had to undergo radiation treatment three times, and the treatment cost was not cheap.

We knew that the whole world was supporting and praying for Perl. We had to wait patiently for weeks or months to see how well the radiation worked.

The oncologist said the bleeding had completely stopped and she felt fine.

At that time, we had a second cancer follow-up for Pearl and her tumor was smaller.

When Dr. Quarterman read the results, he felt a lot of emotion. Her twisted eyes opened more. It was visible and moved down to a more normal position on her face.

Pearl was making that miracle come true. She was not in pain and most importantly, Pearl was happy.

Life is only good when your thoughts are directed toward the positive. Pearl was an inspiration not only to me by her, but to everyone who knew her by her.


Dien Tran

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