A Kitten Has Four Ears and Lost One Eye, It Doesn’t Believe That Someone Will Love It.

This kitten was born unlike any other. It has four ears from birth.

Also, the kitten has an eye problem, it lost one of its eyes… The kitten was found with its brother in one of the abandoned parks.

Both small cats turned out to be unnecessary animals for their owners, they were abandoned by their owners. Fluff – the name of the four-eared cat, was lucky to fall into the arms of the right people at the right time.

They took him to the veterinary clinic right away. At first, doctors did not expect any positive results considering its condition.

But the kitten turned out to be very strong. It steadfastly endured all the injections and body checks.

In addition, the poor cat was subjected to a series of tests on joints and jaws. Veterinarians were able to get Fluff on his feet.

But unfortunately, the doctors were not able to save an eye for him, that eye was completely damaged.

The best part is that the female veterinarian voluntarily paid for all the medical procedures and then brought the cat home.

Although nature endowed it with four ears, the kitten was less able to hear than the rest. Even so, it ignores all physical flaws and Fluff – still very cheerful and friendly!

Dien Tran

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