These Kittens Were Ruthlessly Abandoned by Their Owners, People Passed by And Were Indifferent to Them.

These poor little cats were abandoned by their owners. The owner heartlessly left the kittens near the door and ignored them.

Every day, there are still many people passing by but still not paying attention to them. The kittens cried pitifully begging their owners to bring them back, but in response to the cries of the two cats, the owner remained indifferent.

This man’s heart was even too cold. Two kittens were sitting near the entrance, they clung to each other in fear.

They must spend the night in all bad weather conditions. They don’t understand that they need to find a safer place, because sitting in front of indifferent people is not the best option.

None of the people living around the house wanted to bring the abandoned cats home. Yes, sometimes the cats are fed by them, but that’s all, they still have no place to stay. This continued until one of the residents saw the callously abandoned kittens.

The woman started looking for owners for the kittens. At the very least, she hoped to find a warm place for them – a makeshift home was found a few days later.

However, time has caused one of the cats to weaken. When the woman found the kittens, she took them temporarily to the animal shelter.

Then the volunteers came and cared for the cat. When kittens are in a warm place, they eat and sleep soundly. Sometime after being cared for at the animal shelter, they found owners for the cats. They brought home a gray cat and a red one with a pink nose.

This kitten also did not stay long, very quickly, it was also taken away by a good owner. That’s how volunteers arrange life for three kittens, they are abandoned by their callous owners, and ignored by the people living there.

But fortunately for them, they are now with a new owner, with a warm and happy new home.


Dien Tran

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