The Kitten Was Brutally Wrapped with Duct Tape by Someone, Is There Any Miracle for It?

The danger is always lurking for animals on the street. In addition to feral cats constantly searching for food and a place to sleep, they are also attacked by dogs, other animals, and people.

And the most dangerous here are people who hate animals. Such an unpleasant encounter occurs with this kitten.

They found a kitten wrapped in a leash duct tape on the way. The heartless people wanted to see the poor animal run away from the dogs and ferrets, so they tortured the cat in that way. Fortunately, the kitten was promptly noticed and helped.

A passerby noticed an unusual kitten and immediately contacted the police. Five men had previously been seen at the area where the cat was found, arrived with a beagle, and tamed ferrets.

The kitten in this company was probably supposed to be a decoy for training dogs and ferrets. They set the dog and the weasel to chase the poor cat.

Despite all this, the kitten was unharmed. The men who treated the cat badly were placed on the wanted list.

Fate once again smiled at the kitten. It was saved and was living in a very nice home when the man saw this kitten on the street and decided to keep it.

The first few days in the new home, the kitten was quite scared, but over time, it became more sociable and calmer. Thank you to the kind man who saved the poor little life.

Dien Tran

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