Scared Cat Snuggled Up Against a Concrete Wall on A Busy Highway! It’s Stuck Between the Cars!

People were driving a car along a busy highway, when they suddenly noticed a cat right in the middle of the road.

She rushed frightened along the concrete partition, not knowing where to go. On a busy highway, New Yorkers noticed an animal that was frightened moving along a concrete partition.

Approaching, people realized that it was a cat. They immediately contacted the local rescuers to help the poor man as soon as possible.

A rescuer named John, along with a colleague arrived at that place and noticed a cat – at that moment she pressed herself against a concrete partition, terribly frightened.

When the rescuers tried to approach her, the cat ran off to the side – right on the road. At that moment, the rescuers froze.

They saw how the cat ran away to the middle of the road and stopped there, between moving cars.

While there were few cars, John managed to quickly run up to the cat and pick it up, immediately wrapping it in a blanket.

Finally, the poor thing was safe. The cat was then taken to a shelter. They did not find any injuries or health problems with her and began to look after her.

The cat looked quite well-groomed – it did not look like she was homeless.

The veterinarians scanned her for the presence of a chip – and their guesses coincided, it turned out that the cat has a home!

On the same day, the shelter staff contacted the owners of the cat by phone from the chip. It turned out that they lost their pet, but soon reunited with her.

The owners have no idea how their cat (her name is Flamingo) could be on the track – apparently, she accidentally ran in while walking along the street, or chased someone. The main thing is that Flamingo is now safe and next to its loving owners!

Dien Tran

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