A Thin, Emaciated Cat Approached the Woman. The Cat Begged for Salvation.

Nur Khamiza from Malaysia always loves animals and tries to help them as much as possible.

Therefore, when she encountered a feral cat in a walking corpse state, she immediately realized that this was something she had to do.

If not her, then who will help the unfortunate creature? This is what the poor cat had to go through. It’s called Memei.

It was bald on the sides of its head, thin, had sores and wounds, its feet and eyes were sore, and it had a lot of parasites on its body. The girl guessed the cat only weighed 2kg despite being an adult cat.

The woman was not indifferent to the fate of this little cat. She feeds and drinks the poor cat and takes it to her!

The woman felt that she had to save the poor cat. And a year later, the cat has become very beautiful – her fur has grown amazingly long! Its wound-covered body had already recovered!

As Nur Khamiza recalls, it was the cat who approached her, obediently climbed into the box, steadfastly enduring the vet’s examinations.

The cat really wants to be rescued! Although many people did not hope to save the cat, the woman herself dismissed those thoughts to try her best to save the cat.

A year later, no one recognizes Meimei – a well-fed, beautiful, cheerful cat! Memei is sometimes wary of strangers and rarely goes out into the streets.

The cat loves its owner very much and does not leave her side. Nur Khamiza and Meimei are so happy and thankful that they found each other!

Dien Tran

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