A Tiny Cat Was Discovered in A State of Missing an Eye, It Is Struggling with Life

The story of the man who walked over the threshold of the veterinary clinic looked very confused.

In his arms, he held a small kitten. The animal raised its head, and the veterinarian was amazed at what he saw, as the cat did not have one eye.

According to the man, he found the kitten on the street in such a state, he himself did not know what had happened but the guy assumed that the cat was the victim of animal abuse.

The doctor immediately began to prepare for surgery on the cat, because only emergency intervention can save its life.

The man left the kitten in the vet’s care and promised to pick it up the next day and take it away. But the next day, the man did not come to the clinic.

He called several times to inquire, concerned about the cat’s health and promised to come back later. The kitten didn’t have a home, so the clinic staff arranged a place for her in a box and brought food.

With each day the cat stays in the clinic, the cat’s treatment bill is quite high, including surgery, medication, and hospital expenses. We called the man and asked him if he really intended to get the cat.

They explained that if he didn’t need the cat, the doctors would try to help her out on their own. But after the call, the man went to the clinic and wrote a letter refusing to accept the cat.

After examining the cat, which the doctors named Sonya, we suspect that she had previously been homeless.

The cat with the signature tassels on the ears and the snowy feet. The cat is quite sociable and affectionate with people. The kitten is about a month and a half old.

After being cared for a while, we arrange for the cat to a cozy home in a kitten basket, we feed the cat delicious treats.

Now our mission is to completely cure him, feed him and find him a new home where he will be loved and happy.


Dien Tran

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