The cat Abandoned by Its Former Owner Has Come a Long Way to Return home, but It is Still Betrayed.

Sometimes people are unreasonably cruel. They offend weak and defenceless animals, they throw their beloved family animals into the street.

When pets are discouraged by their owners, they become a burden and they rush to get rid of them as soon as possible. This story is just about that. Have you ever been betrayed by a loved one?

We hope not, but this seven-year-old cat named Toby was betrayed by his own family. Initially, Toby was a street cat, but the family decided to chase him out into the street.

It happened because Toby didn’t get along very well with the other cats living in the house. Then the cat’s owners decided to find it a new home.

They have found new owners for Toby, a house about 20 kilometres from its old home.

Meanwhile, Toby didn’t understand why his beloved family decided to take him away, so he patiently walked that distance home… Only to be rejected by his former owner.

The family that the cat considers their home took it to the shelter, which asked staff to inject it with euthanasia.

At first, the staff thought the cat was sick, so the staff prepared medicine to give it a shot.

But when they realized that it was completely healthy, they firmly refused to kill the cat, because the eyes were extremely sad.

The shelter volunteers have found a new family for Toby. And that was the beginning of a new chapter in his life. Now, this cat has a loving family. But you know what’s most important?

The current cat is no longer sad: now his expressive blue eyes radiate love because he lives surrounded by the warmth and care of his new family!

Dien Tran

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