The Owner Heartlessly Abandoned This Cat at The Shelter Just Because It Was Too Old! Why Do They Treat It Like That?

It’s hard to imagine what drives owners to drop their pets at shelters when they’re already advanced in age.

They stay with these owners for ten years, then give up their cat or dog because they are too old. In this story, the owners’ betrayal of the animal happens after they have been together for 20 years.

And to be more precise, this cat is 21 years old – its name is Tiger. Its owner abandoned it to the animal shelter just because it was so old. This cat will not be adopted by anyone to its new home, because people do not want to adopt a pet that is too old.

Therefore, Tiger is on the list of assisted suicide. This story might have ended if veterinarians had injected the cat with euthanasia.

But an animal-loving girl named Adrianna discovered the cat before the doctors gave it an injection.

The girl did not hesitate and fear the appearance of the cat, which needed special care due to the poor functioning of the kidneys. Tiger also has an inoperable tumor due to age.

But Adrianna still has love for this special cat. She gives him medicine every day and gives it loads of love and care.

Thanks to Adianna’s love and special care for the cat, Tiger was fortunate to live in happiness once again.

It even celebrated its 22nd birthday with its new owner. Thank you kind girl, what do you think of this story!

Dien Tran

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