A Poor Cat That Has Lost Its Front Legs Is Begging for Love, Check Out This Touching Story!

A cat without front legs has lost all hope of being loved. It is said that someone saw it climb to the roof and decided to jump down when it could not catch the bird – its meal.


The cat fell on some bare wire and was electrocuted. Maybe it will die?

But no, the cat’s survival after being electrocuted turned out to be a miracle, and luckily when the injured cat was noticed by a passerby, the woman immediately brought it to the vet.

The cat’s front paws were badly damaged, and the doctors had no choice but to amputate them, the woman decided to fight with the cat, not leaving it until the end of the treatment, she took him out of the clinic.

She took care of the cat she named Able and helped it adjust to life when it completely lost its two front legs.

It is now healthy again, although the cat moves on only its hind legs and has more difficulty than other cats. But they still had a special affection for Able, so he lived a happy life for the rest of his life!


Dien Tran

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