Seeing That His Sister Was About to Lose Her Life, The Little Dog Used the Warmth to Hope for Her Sister to Wake Up… But What Happened Next Was Unexpected!

These two newborn puppies were left in a temple. The black dog is weak, but it is still fighting for its life.

The little dog involuntarily lay on top of the sister to give her love in the dying moment. These puppies have been rescued. But sadly, the black puppy did not survive.

She has no chance of being revived. To end this suffering, we need to do more.

A little white dog named Willow. At that time, she was being treated for some skin diseases. She is only 3 months old, weighs 1.4kg and is as tall as a wine bottle.

Willow fits in my hand and pocket. The dog especially loves having his belly rubbed and his face covered on sunny afternoons.

Willow doesn’t seem to like noisy and crowded places.

That day, I found Willow unable to get up. I rushed him to the nearest vet. Here, it is given intravenously and its body temperature is very low, its heart beating weakly.

Its limbs were as cold as ice and its body was purple. When I saw it lying on the heat cushion and convulsing, my heart felt like it was about to burst.

The doctor and I are discussing Willow’s situation. It was very painful. Doctors are preparing the dog for a euthanasia so she can fly freely across the rainbow.

But I changed my mind at the last second, I will fight with it. And of course, my decision was right.

After taking a high-end antiepileptic drug at night, Willow miraculously woke up and lay down to enjoy the bone broth I had prepared.

Miraculously, all 4 of its legs are normal and appear to be unaffected.

Willow has been enjoying life since being rescued two and a half weeks ago. She is recovering well from scabies, malnutrition, and many other ailments.

Its body has several spots damaged by fungi and bacteria. But those wounds will be taken care of by the doctors and thoroughly removed.

A week later, the old disease returned, causing Willow to lose feeling in his front legs. He had convulsions for 3 minutes and he sobbed the whole way.

She almost died, but fortunately, with many last-minute prayers, it survived again. Willow is a strong, determined little girl ready to live a happy and healthy life for the rest of her life.


Dien Tran

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