After Being Hit by A Car and Bullets Lodged in His Spine, The Dog Spent His Bad Days Getting This…

Naida is a female dog about 3-4 years old, a muscular body. But her life was completely changed after being hit by a car.

It lay on the mud making it all wet. When I arrived, Naida was lying on the sidewalk and a couple was standing next to her.

We all covered Naida with blankets. We then transferred her to the car and went straight to the vet. Naida was taken to the vet.

Before doing the necessary tests, she needed to be washed clean to remove all the dirt on her body. The doctors gave her anti-shock therapy.

They suspected she had a traumatic brain injury because there was a wound there. X-rays showed that Naida had broken her spine in half and had to have her spinal cord removed.

In addition, it also has a bullet wound under the spine.

He still managed to eat dinner and take all the medicine the doctor prescribed. After that, Naida slept peacefully through the night. When he woke up, he cried out because of the pain.

Even taking pain relievers won’t help the dog’s pain. This girl’s chance of survival is zero – according to the doctor.

Therefore, the doctor decided to inject her with a sedative to make Naida fall asleep forever. Everyone cried when they saw that scene.

Goodbye Naida, forgive us for not being able to save you. Naida passed away peacefully without feeling any more pain.

Goodbye baby, you can run along the green grass paradise without worrying about the future anymore. We still love you and will miss you very much, Naida.

Please love animals while you can, everyone, when losing a pet, it will be a great pain for everyone! Share the reading so people always take care of their animals!



Dien Tran

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