Discovered 5 Puppies Buried in The Fog and Mud Outside At -6 Degrees, They Bravely Survived, But What Happened Next Shocked Everyone.

Facing death very close, the puppies were left outdoors at a temperature of -6 degrees Celsius. They buried themselves in fog and mud.

There are 5 puppies, probably only about 3-4 weeks old and no mother dog around. Their pitiful cries made me extremely sad. Sadly, one puppy is no longer alive, I am warming 4 other dogs.

A dog’s heart stopped beating on the way home between life and death. It gently stepped into the afterlife.

There were only three puppies left, they were fed warm food by me.

Then, all three puppies were bathed with warm water. Incredibly, all three puppies survived the first night in extreme low temperatures. They are starting to get healthy and can make a soft voice.

Akka, Rebeka and Mira are the names I gave to these three little angels. Fortunately, they ate well and went extremely smoothly.

This is important to aid their recovery. All three puppies have had constant nightmares over the past few nights, convulsing, rocking, and crying in their sleep.

After that, they were much calmer. With their full stomachs, they began to play with each other and began to forget all that had happened.

It is love that changes the lives of unfortunate puppies, and I am ready to make that happen. The best thing at that time was probably that the eating of all three dogs was still going well.

Dogs are complete animals, trusting and loyal to you.

Now, they have an open love. And that’s why my heart breaks when I see them left outside in the cold. All suffering is over. A bright future awaits them.

I believed in miracles. I believed in the power of the three little angels. What I was most looking forward to until then was gradually becoming a reality. Both Akka, Rebeka and Mira are healthy and always smiling. Thank god!





Dien Tran

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