All Bad Things Have Happened to This Mother Dog’s Life, She Raises Her Puppies in The Face of Emotionless Human Eyes.

Today there are two stories for you! History first! There are thousands of dogs around the world that do not have a cozy home.

You may have encountered some without stopping to help them, or perhaps at the very least they made you feel sympathetic.

Mother dogs especially carry the true cross on their shoulders, looking after their young, conceived in the desolation, hunger, and helplessness of the streets. This is a drama about a dog and her puppies rescued from a construction site in Myanmar.

Tired of fighting for survival on the street, and even though the strength to get up and go on was gradually leaving her, she hugged her babies between her paws to protect them. Just like the best mother in the world would do, giving her last breath for her children.

Luckily, a passerby noticed the dog’s plight and immediately contacted the Animal Aid Unlimited heroes who rushed to the scene.

“This confused and desperate mother nearly passed out after giving birth at a construction site. We were so happy that a sensitive passer-by called us to help her with her newborn babies, and we took them all to our hospital, where she was able to recover from the trauma, she received because of such a difficult birth,” said the rescuers.

Thanks to this empathetic person and the rescue team, today this lovely furry family has a different fate.

These were very difficult moments experienced by this brave and selfless mother who refused to give up. Their lives have changed for the better from one moment to the next, and now they will have the quality of life they have always deserved.

“Children are developing well now after their mother rested for a couple of days. We will spay her as soon as the babies are old enough to be weaned,” they added in the Animal Aid post.

When the kids are independent enough, they will start looking for suitable homes! Story two! All pets are unique and irreplaceable. Some, like a puppy or kitten, for many owners, become like their children.

That is why, they are very worried when any danger threatens their life. Snakes that, being silent and agile, can attack their prey in a matter of seconds. That’s how the dog almost died when attacked by a rattlesnake.

A fluffy boy named Toad was playing outside his home in Coon, Idaho, when he suddenly found himself face to face with a snake that mercilessly bit him at least five times. Freeze Brownell, the owner of the dog, says that when he approached his pet, he saw “a snake circling in the air.”.

He grabbed his little dog, very puzzled, and agitated trying to keep it between himself and the snake. “Big mistake, there were several snakes on the ground!” he told local media. The Toad is a German Shorthaired Pointer.

Wasting no more time, he picked him up and took him to the vet. Unfortunately, the poison has already worked. The toad did not look very well, the veterinarian noted that he was bitten on both sides of the muzzle, which is why a dose of antidote was used.

So, it was only a matter of time before we knew how the helpless dog would react. The venomous American rattlesnake, unlike other snakes, has a distinctive sound from its rattle, which is located at the tip of its tail.

This snake consists of small horn sheaths that allow them to make a warning sound and, in some cases, protect them from advancing large mammals.

Toad’s owners thought that their beloved pet would not survive and was depressed.

Much to Brownell’s relief, the antidote worked, and his beloved pet was saved. Toad continues to recover at home, getting all the attention and love he deserves.

For her part, Brownell wants to warn pet owners and insists they be aware of the environment we walk our furry in, rattlesnake or another predator could be anywhere.

Dien Tran

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