Woman Goes on Walk and Makes a Surprising Discovery in Her Neighbor’s Yard

When a woman in Southern California decided to go for a walk around her neighborhood one afternoon, she knew to expect the typical sounds of yard work and kids playing. But just a few minutes into her stroll, an unusual noise caught her by surprise.

She heard what seemed to be a chorus of yelps coming from her neighbor’s yard and could tell that something was off. So, she decided to investigate further.

“She followed the sound,” Suzette Hall, dog rescuer and founder of Logan’s Legacy, told The Dodo, “And then she found puppies.”

The woman walked up to her neighbor’s house and discovered a family of puppies nestled in a raised flowerbed. The woman had no idea how the puppies ended up in the flowerbed since it stood high above their reach, but she knew she had to help get them down.

Leaning in for a closer look, she realized the puppies weren’t alone.

“There was a dirty blanket in there, which the puppies laid on top of,” Hall said, “And then there was Momma.”

The woman could tell that the pups’ mom was actively caring for her babies. There was an open bag of kibble on the neighbor’s stoop, and Momma would leave the flower bed to eat so she could produce enough milk for her babies.

The momma dog was also clearly determined to protect her puppies. Every time the woman tried to reach for the puppies, Momma would snap at her. So, the woman called Hall for professional help.

As soon as Hall got there, she immediately got to work rescuing the tiny family.

“I got the puppies out and put them in a crate,” Hall said. “There were five of them.”

With all the puppies safely captured, Hall then turned her attention to Momma.

“She was not having it because I had taken her puppies,” Hall said. “She just wanted to get to her puppies.”

Momma wouldn’t let Hall pick her up, so the rescuer had to come up with another plan. That’s when she decided to include Momma’s babies in her rescue.

“I put a few puppies inside the trap just so that she could see that they were in there, then I moved them to a crate behind the trap,” Hall said.

Hall set the trap with hot dogs and placed the crate carrying Momma’s puppies strategically behind it. It didn’t take long for Momma to take the bait.

“She kept trying to get to her puppies,” Hall said. “And then, finally, she went in.”

Hall secured the puppies’ crate in her car and nestled Momma’s trap in the back. The rescuer then drove them to the vet, where Momma, later named Bambi, and her babies had the sweetest reunion ever.

“At first, she just looked at them,” Hall said. “And then when they realized that they were all back together, it was just so cute. They were so happy to be together.”

It took a second for the initial shock of the rescue to wear off, but Bambi quickly realized that her babies were finally back in her sights. The babies were ecstatic to see their mom again.

“The puppies were like playing on her and jumping on her, and she was just licking them,” Hall said. “It was like a celebration.”

The tiny family of pups was overjoyed to finally be together, and their new friends at Camino Pet Hospital were so happy that they could help change their lives. After receiving a clean bill of health, the entire family was ready for foster care.

A few days later, Bambi and her babies settled into their new foster home. Bambi is still nursing her babies, who are growing every day, and, in just a few weeks, they will all be ready for adoption.

Until then, Hall and the staff at Camino Pet Hospital continue to enjoy daily update pictures from Bambi’s foster mom of the little family cuddling together. The rescuer has helped many fluffy families in the last few years, but this one will leave a lasting impression on her.

“You should’ve seen her and the puppies,” Hall said. “They were so excited to be back together again. They just loved each other so much.”


Dien Tran

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