The Woman Who Adopted the Poor Shelter Dog Waited 7 Years for A Home

Shelters do everything they can to find their animal’s families, encouraging people to “adopt not shop,” but sadly some pets must wait longer than others to find a forever home.

And unfortunately, the longer they wait the less likely it is they will make it out. Older dogs are usually less likely to be adopted as most families look for puppies.

But some kindhearted people take a chance on the shelter’s older residents, ensuring that they get some love in their golden years. One dog’s inspiring adoption story proves that sometimes it’s better late than never.

A dog named Rachel was a shelter dog for seven long years. She stayed at the Pets and People Humane Society in Yukon, Oklahoma, waiting every day for someone to take her home.

When the dog was nine years old, it seemed unlikely she would ever find a home… until one day a miracle happened.

A woman named Laura walked into the shelter, and unlike many people was there to take home a senior dog.

“Laura walked through those shelter doors and, without hesitation, did for Rachel what needed to be done a long time ago,” the nonprofit group Susie’s Senior Dogs wrote on Facebook.

Laura adopted Rachel, and it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

After waiting for so long, Rachel got quite the taste of freedom, riding away in Laura’s convertible with the top down. “She took to my little convertible without hesitation – she likes the wind on her face,” Laura said.

Rachel quickly became a part of her life, joining her at work and meeting all her neighbors. The dog won everyone over with her delightful personality.

“Rachel is just wonderful,” Laura said. “I love her so much. We had a great first week.” Laura got the dog a little bed right next to hers, and the two go for walks every day.

It’s a heartwarming story and an important reminder that while old dogs are often overlooked, they have a lot of love to offer.

“Never makes a peep, never barks, never runs – she is as perfect a dog as I have ever had,” Laura said.

“I am blessed to have found her.”

This precious dog got a long-overdue happy ending after years of waiting for a home!

Thank you to Laura and all the people who open their hearts to older shelter animals! Share this great story!

Dien Tran

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