Newest K9 Officer Pup Struggles to Stay Awake During Swearing-In Ceremony

Aw, so sleepy!

This week, authorities from Colorado’s Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office announced the hiring-on of two adorable new officers — K9 Otis and K9 Bear — who’ll be serving as therapy animals at local schools.

To mark the occasion, the handsome pups were even asked to sit for an official portrait, complete with their little vests and badges.

But getting in on the job can surely tucker one out.

Of the two new officers, black Lab Otis appears to be the more spirited pup.

Chocolate Lab Bear, meanwhile, comes across as a tad more subdued.

Otis and Bear’s contrasting energy levels were on full display during the pair’s official swearing-in ceremony.

In front of the assembled crowd and amid the heraldry of that grand occasion, Otis looked bright-eyed and bubbly, pausing just long enough to offer his paw while being read the oath.

Bear, on the other hand, seemed a bit drowsy — struggling at times to even stay awake on his and Otis’ big day.

To Bear’s credit, though, he did perk up enough in the end to lead a fun puppy play-fight.

With any luck, K9 Otis and K9 Bear will go on to have long, fulfilling careers bringing comfort and smiles to area school kids, each with their perfect temperaments.

“We hope you love them as much as we do!” the sheriff’s office wrote.

And frankly, it seems pretty much impossible not to.

Dien Tran

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