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Many Dogs Were Discσvered Residing in Appalling Conditions at A Residence In South Carolina.

The Dorchester Paws team is working to provide for more than 30 dogs rescued from a home in South Carolina, the shelter announced Thursday.

According to the shelter, most of the animals need serious medical attention after they were found living in their filth, locked in crates both inside and outside, and chained to trees.

Some of the dogs are reportedly in the “end state” of heartworm disease.

Dorchester Paws said the shelter does not have room for all the dogs with only 15 open kennels and needs emergency fosters.

We do not want any animal to be living in a pop-up crate,” the shelter wrote in a press release Thursday. “If the public can foster, they can come tomorrow 8 am-5 pm. Fosters are needed for as long as they can commit.

In addition, adoption fees are being waived for dogs who have been at the shelter for more than 15 days.

Anyone interested in donating to Dorchester Paws can do so on the shelter’s website.

WCIV reached out to the Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office for more information and is waiting to hear back.


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