Long Hairs That Touch The Eyes. An Abandoned Cat Was Miraculously Saved From A Negligent Owner.

This cat, named Gobo, lost at least half its weight when trimmed to a dense coat, and the doctors removed a large amount of overgrown and fibrous hair.

This cat lives in the home of a mentally ill person along with many other animals. It is locked in a locked cage, and not allowed to go out.

Not long ago, volunteers from the shelter came to this place and rescued the animals. So, Gobo was taken to the shelter. No one spayed or trimmed the cats from that house, they were all in terrible condition and they were afflicted with all sorts of diseases.

Gobo’s coat is so tangled that it can’t be combed. After examination, it was decided to cut it off completely.

The cat’s claws had grown around his paw, making it excruciatingly painful. Gobo’s claws are not sharpened regularly, causing them to grow too long, making the cat uncomfortable, it is locked in a cage.

All procedures for taking care of the cat take about two hours. The fur trimmed from the Gobo is large, larger than the cat. The doctor said the cat’s weight was only about three hundred grams. In addition, the cat also had to treat an eye injury.

On the other hand, the cat’s condition was stable, despite all the challenges the cat had to overcome.

Gobo will remain at the animal shelter until the fur grows back. After that, people will find a new owner for it, so that this exhausted cat has a real home and kind owners will take care of it.

Dien Tran

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