A Kitten Was So Hungry And Thirsty That Someone Put It In The Trash For A Week.

The story of the poor cat happened this summer. Residents heard a soft sound coming from a trash can.

As they got closer, people noticed it was a kitten meowing. It was very hungry and wanted to find something to eat, but it could not climb out.

Kind people helped the cat and reported it to the animal shelter. Rescuers arrived and immediately took the kitten away. It’s a female cat.

The kitten was bathed, fed, and had a place to sleep and stay warm. Rescuers gave her the name Angelica. The next day, the cat was sent to volunteers.

The cat is about 1 month old. Volunteers fed her and provided her with everything she needed to recover as soon as possible. At first, the kitten was shy, but after a while, he got used to people taking care of him.

The cat happily crawled into the volunteer’s arms, it began to purr with joy, it thought that from now on someone would take care of it. As time passed, the cat gradually grew up. It started gaining weight and cravings. The volunteers were very happy for Angelica because of its good condition.

Currently, the cat’s health is progressing very well and is just waiting to be delivered to a new family. And when she is with the volunteers, Angelica is completely safe and can be sure that she will be taken care of.

It is good that there are not indifferent to the fate of small animals that are weak and unable to protect themselves. Please don’t ignore them, don’t abandon them, and keep an eye on these poor creatures so we can at least give them a chance to live!



Dien Tran

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