The Story of An Abandoned Kitten That Wandered into The Chicken Coop and Stayed There to Live.

This story happened in mid-November. A little caramel kitten got lost in the chicken coop and decided to stay there.

When Ella, the owner of the house, found it, the cat hid under the hen’s wing and slept soundly. We immediately brought the cat we named Caramel into the house.

However, it cried very loudly and demanded to go back to the chicken coop. The cat turns out to love the warm chicken coop and enjoys spending all its time there.

Caramel hugged her foster hen and fell into a sweet sleep, feeling loved and happy. Ella and her husband decided to build a specially insulated house in the chicken coop for the kitten.

They installed a small heater in that little house, but the miracle is that this cute cat wants to be around the chickens all day.

The kitten never entered his own home even though there was a fireplace. Once I went into the chicken coop to collect eggs and saw something quite lovely: Caramel lay on top of the eggs, warming them with my warmth!

The chickens adopted the kitten and began to consider him as their relative. And the chickens raised the cat and kept it warm on cold nights.

The cat occasionally goes out to explore the outside world, but it quickly returns to its cage under the wing of its adoptive mother. Perhaps he was too used to the life of chickens.

This is a great story about the friendship between a chicken and kitten! The fate of this adorable cat and chicken was born, we don’t know, but let’s hope Caramel is doing well!

Dien Tran

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