The Tiny Kitten Was Kicked by Someone, Smashed Everything and Thrown on The Street Like Something Unnecessary.

This tiny six-week-old kitten was brought to the shelter with a severe injury. The kitten could not stand and walk, it just sat, quietly looking at everyone, as if to say: “Help me!”.

The volunteer decided to take the poor friend back to her home to provide him with adequate care and comfortable living conditions.

But first, the baby must be cured. At first, veterinarians thought the kitten had a broken pelvis.

However, a closer examination revealed that this was not the case with a pelvic fracture. She broke her femoral head and tore her patellar tendon, preventing her from getting up and walking normally.

These injuries occur when it is hit by someone with a hard blow with a blunt object or by being kicked by someone. And unfortunately, we often receive animals that are injured because of human abuse.

The cat managed to survive for days with injuries on its body, it was named Marshall.

Despite serious injuries all over his body, the adorable kitten is in good spirits. All it wants now is to snuggle up with someone to be petted. A few days ago, the cat had paw surgery.

The surgery went smoothly, and the kitten is slowly getting better. Every time it sees a veterinarian or volunteer, the cat starts meowing loudly because it loves people so much.

Of course, he will still be limping because the wound has not completely healed, but he will be able to walk!”, the clinic staff said.

Dien Tran

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