A Pregnant Cat Is Wandering Around the Parking Lot. She Cried and Begged for Help

A young Canadian named Sylvain saw a lonely cat in the parking lot. It made the guy keep an eye on it. The young man decided to approach the cat. But it turns out that the cat is very hot-tempered.

Seeing someone coming towards him, the cat ran away. A few days later, the young man met the cat again. This time he let Sylvain move closer, but the cat was still quite wary.

Winter is approaching and the boy feels worried for the cat. He didn’t want the cat to be frozen outside.

After asking the parking lot guards, Sylvain learned that the animal had appeared here a few months ago and that it is very wary of strangers. Since he couldn’t catch the cat, he took a picture of it and posted it on Facebook with a notice.

To find the previous owners of the animal. Sylvain even videotaped the animal shelter with a request to give the cat to him.

However, there was no one to help and the guy was advised to take care of it himself. He began to visit the animal every day and bring it food.

The feral cat was angry at first, but now it’s becoming more and more sympathetic to Sylvain every day. Soon he was able to catch the cat and pet it.

A few days later, the young man took the cat to the vet. After examining it, the doctor announced an unexpected fact about Sylvain’s cat: it is now pregnant.

Fortunately, the cat met the young man at the right time. Sylvain gave her a nickname – Tisha.

Before meeting Tisha, this guy also had a cat, he is currently looking for someone who can take care of it.

In the end, Tisha gave birth to healthy kittens safely. Now she and her whole family of kittens are in the hands of good people, who have protected and protected Tisha’s family and given her a full and happy life!

Dien Tran

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