When People Find Them, They Don’t Understand What Kind of Creature It Is. But When They Looked Closely, They Discovered This

These little cats were found in the trash, and they were all in bad condition.

They are on the verge of death, they are almost completely eaten by fleas, their eyes are severely infected, and their mother cat is emaciated from hunger.

Obviously, they need human care, or else this whole family will die.

A kind person who found them in the trash did not leave them to die but took them to the nearest veterinary clinic for treatment.

All recovered quickly, all but one rather frail cat, under the healthy cats, there was a kitten that did not budge. It was thought that the cat was dead.

But it’s still alive. The cat was nicknamed Little Stuart, after the little mouse in the movie of the same name, because he looked more like a mouse than a cat.

The kitten is severely dehydrated, has little or no hair, and has a severe eye infection.

The cat weighs just under 85 grams, while his four-legged littermates weigh 255 grams each.

He is only 2-3 weeks old and lighter than newborn kittens. They washed his eyes with a warm saline solution and fed him through a tube. In the photo, Stuart Little lies next to the syringe for comparison.

Within a week of being rescued, the kitten gained weight and began to double in weight. Now it’s starting to look more like a cat than a mouse.

In the photo, Stuart is next to his brother, comparing their sizes but his body is still too weak and instead of cat hair, he has only white fluff.

At 8 weeks old, Stuart was already quite strong and started to weigh 455 grams. Stuart is finally getting stronger, and his body is covered in beautiful fur.

The cat is small but we have learned a lot from it, now it has grown healthy and is living in a house full of happiness and love!


Dien Tran

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