This Wild Cat Was Found with Its Body Covered with Fur, It Couldn’t Breathe and Couldn’t Move

This cat has very thick and tangled hair growth on its body, it is seen on the street. The poor cat could barely move.

How do you help such an animal when you see it in such a state? The poor guy could hardly move because of the large and thick fur covering his body – it was difficult to make out the cat’s shape.

The cat is very shy, and he is under stress and fear. People helped him and took him to a shelter.

The staff at the shelter were surprised to see the cat’s condition. They’ve never seen a cat this bad in all their animal rescue – but they’re ready to help. They named the cat Matty.

A team of doctors and staff members cut the tangled hairs out of his body. The thick coat trimming for the cat lasted several hours and the doctors removed about 2kg of hair.

After that, Matty began to recover rapidly, he began to receive food, train to move, and was surrounded by the care and love of the staff.

The cat is also shy, but the team of doctors around always caress the cat that it is completely safe – and no one will ever hurt Matty again. Soon, Matty had grown a new coat and looked like it was very handsome.

The doctors determined that Matty was about ten years old. It was diagnosed with diabetes, if not, Matty is an active and very affectionate cat.

After seeing the cat’s photo and story on social media, a woman – a veterinary nurse felt very sorry for the cat, so she adopted cat!

So Matty got a new owner right after he recovered. Now the cat is pleased. The woman who adopted Matty took care of him and kept him healthy.

And of course, Matty also reciprocated the affection of his new owner. Thank you to the compassionate girl who saved this adorable cat’s life!



Dien Tran

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