This Cat Was Abandoned in The Forest with The Kittens, He Bravely Protected the Kittens from The Dogs

The sound of a dog barking disturbs the forest and attracts the attention of its owner. The woman ran to the dog to see why it was barking so loudly, but the dog ignored the owner, he went in the opposite direction and led the woman to an old cellar.

The woman saw and shivered; the little kittens huddled together in the cellar.

Also, the cat’s mother was nearby. It will not allow anyone to harm its little children.

The forest is located near the city. In this forest, dog owners love to walk their pets every day. How will you manage it when you see someone abandoning the cat and its children unfortunately being torn to pieces by the dog?

This makes me overthink! The kind woman hugged her dog and ran home. She realized that the cat and their cubs needed urgent rescue. So, the woman went home to get a pet box.

She also leaves her dog at home, so that after bringing the cats home, they will over-contact and may bite each other. The kittens were in bad shape: small, thin, they looked pathetic and sick.

The cat is incredibly beautiful, but it is shy and wary of people. To survive in the harsh conditions of the forest is not an easy task.

After the woman took the cat to the vet for a vet checkup, he had sad news – he was diagnosed with pancoleipenia. A difficult and long treatment for the kitten family. The kittens were injected and fed with a dropper.

The woman was quite distressed and worried, but she reassured herself that everything would be fine. Those who have experienced this disease will understand that saving one-month-old kittens must be impossible.

Despite all the efforts of the medical team, the situation got worse every day. The cats’ desire to live was exhausted, and their eyes became empty.

Soon the kittens were gone, the mother cat was isolated from the cubs so as not to contract a terrible disease.

The woman heard the mother cat’s suffering but could do nothing to help and only saw it scratching the door in despair.

The mother cat is being isolated and treated. He is struggling with his life, hoping that after he recovers from his illness, he will find a family that loves him more.

Because now she has lost his children. Everyone, please love animals more so that you do not see the same situation as this cat’s story

Dien Tran

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