The Wild Cat Is Struggling for Life on A Dangerous Road, It Has Been Bitten by A Wild Dog and It Is Calling for Help! Somebody Help Her…

The girl and her family moved to a new house, and this story happened a year and a half ago. Lena, that’s her name, she’s always wanted a kitten.

And one day, she happened to meet cat, it is a white cat. It’s dirty and brutal to tell how beautiful its coat is.

On the way, towards her, was a thin and hungry cat. The poor cat suffered a bite through the shoulder, presumably from dogs around the area.

Lena ran home to get sausages to feed the cat. After a period of pain and lack of food, the gluttonous cat pounced on the delicious sausage.

After eating, he looked at Lena, he did not believe that he himself would be taken home by the girl. But the cat is lucky.

Lena decided not to abandon the animal and she gave the cat a life in her household. She held the cat and cuddled it.

The girl brought the cat home. The girl’s family has been treating the cat for ticks and fleas for a long time. In addition, the wound on the shoulder did not hurt for too long and did not last long to cause discomfort to the poor cat.

Finally, all the bad things are over – the cat is now completely healthy! Everyone in the Lena family debated what to name the kitten, and in the end, they agreed to name the cat Miska.

From now and forever, it will no longer have to live on dangerous streets.

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Dien Tran

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