Everyone Shunned the Skinny Dirty Cat, But the Woman Did This for The Cat…

Everyone shunned the thin and sickly cat roaming the streets. But one compassionate resident, nevertheless, decided to help the animal – and changed his life forever.

One day, a woman named Hamiza saw an emaciated cat in the backyard, who was surviving with all her might.

One quick glance was enough to understand that the poor thing could not cope on her own. The woman named the cat Jasmine and took care of her.

She visited the veterinarian 5 times, who prescribed therapy. The kitty was not only severely emaciated, but also attacked by various infections.

Thanks to the correct treatment and the patience of the woman, the cat began to feel better. She weighed only two kilograms when the rescuer found her.

The cat at that time was about two years old, how she managed to last so long without help is a real mystery.

She’s just a real fighter who doesn’t give up. May took about six months to fully recover. Look at her today! After the treatment, she noticeably changed.

There was no trace left of the sickly and weak pet: the cat is cute, neat, the coat is shiny, and the tummy is always full of food.

Jasmine lives with her savior, thanking her every day with her love and devotion.

Dien Tran

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