This Girl Acc𝖎dentally Heard a Cry Underground and Curiously Dug Up, What Was Under There Surprised the Girl!

Anna lives in the private sector. While doing housework, she heard a kitten squealing in the street. A curious girl went out to see the situation.

She could hear the kitten’s cries for help very clearly, but she could not determine where the sound was coming from.

After searching all the bushes, the girl was desperate and began to think that the kitten was squealing from the neighbours.

But unexpectedly that cry rang out right below! The girl sat down and finally figured it all out! Unbelievable!

Kittens cry for help from the ground! That’s right, a cry from underground. Veronica began to dig up the ground and dig up four newborn kittens!

They are so small that their umbilical cord hasn’t even dried yet. Apparently, the kittens had just been born.

And before they lived a day, they had to face the cruelty of humans. There is no doubt that this is a cruel act of man because no mother cat buries her kittens.

The girl brought the kittens home, bathed, warmed, and fed them. The sad thing is that one kitten did not survive.

It was the cat that had used the last of its strength to attract the attention of a kind girl with its desperate cry… It had sacrificed its life to save the rest of the cats.



Dien Tran

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