A Lonely, Hungry, Small and Defenceless Kitten Found in A Dirty and Emaciated Condition

First, people noticed the big eyes of the kitten, because it was so thin that the eyes stood out in the first place.

Purr was flimsy, filthy and wholly emaciated, it weighed only 100 grams and was about to die. The cat needs urgent help. People took him to an animal shelter, where he was cared for.

Volunteer Irina decided to take the kitten to her place to take care of it, hoping it would recover faster.

At first, the cat did not even eat from the syringe, the girl could only drip milk into his mouth. Every hour she feeds the kitten and constantly monitors its condition.

Volunteers did everything in their power to restore the kitten’s health. And the efforts of the girl were not in vain, soon the cat’s eyes opened, and it began to eat more and be more active.

When the kitten was a month old, it was still half as heavy as it was supposed to be, but she was glad she survived, despite such exhaustion.

The child really enjoys playing and receiving affection from the family. Irina was less worried because the kitten became active, and cheerful and quickly gained weight.

The family also loved the kitten so much that they decided that he would stay with them forever.

A year has passed since that time, and the cat continues to enjoy life and is Irina’s pet. He grew up to be a gorgeous cat and is very lucky in life.

Dien Tran

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