The Previous Owners Took the Kitten and Left It to The Shelter to Put It Down, But A Miracle Happened…

This cute snow-white kitten was taken to the veterinary clinic for euthanasia.

A kind woman promptly intervened to save the poor cat and give it her love, which the cat desperately needed.

Fortunately, veterinarians refused to take the life of a tiny creature that had just been born.

The kitten looked so sad that a shelter employee decided to take the poor cat home to give it a second chance.

The cat’s name is Gozer, it was diagnosed by veterinarians with a series of illnesses on its body, but that did not frighten the staff, Gozer went home with her the same day.

The kitten was immediately taken to treatment, and after a few weeks, it began to slowly recover from being cared for. Since then, two years have passed.

The cat is as white as snow after adulthood. Its new owner’s family recently celebrated Gozer’s second anniversary.

Today, Gozer is a healthy and happy cat that brings a lot of joy and smiles to those in his family.

The cat seems to tell them how happy it is to be with the family every day!

Dien Tran

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