This Cat Was Abandoned at The Shelter, Others Were Adopted and This Cat Was Not, Here’s Why!

One of the shelters tried to give a blind kitten with advanced glaucoma to anyone, but no one wanted to take a special kitten.

A girl named Maria came across an advertisement for this blind kitten by accident.

One of the shelters tried to give him to at least someone, but no one wanted to take away a special baby.

The girl was the first who was interested in the kitten at all – and she decided that she could not help but help.

She took the baby to the veterinary clinic, where the doctors determined that he was blind from birth.

The right eye was too late to save, and the surgeons operated. “People who kept him before, did not treat the kitten’s illness in any way,” says Maria.

“His eye was torn from the inside from severe glaucoma.” After removing the eye, the kitten was symbolically named Thomas.

He quickly rose to his feet after the operation, and the new mistress took him home. Time passed, and the kitten flourished and showed its wonderful character.

The Thomas from the very beginning showed who is the boss in the house. He meows very loudly, and when it comes to food, he can climb into the mistress’s lap and endlessly beg for dinner until he gets his own.

Without even worrying about blindness, Thomas lives the life of a healthy cat to the fullest.

A blind cat is perfectly oriented in space, carries toys, can catch objects on the fly, and is controlled with a scratching post.

The Thomas, now an adult cat, continues to amaze his owners more and more every day. After everything that he went through, this miracle cat did not give up, and found real happiness!

Dien Tran

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