Abandoned By the Owner While Pregnant, The Volunteer Wanted to Give Up on Saving It, But Here’s The Story After That…

After Kim took over the abandoned dog, she immediately drove Frannie (the dog’s name) in her car. Kim has been warned that the dog will give birth any day and this could happen during the trip, so everyone needs to be prepared.

As a precaution, the woman covered the car seat with oilcloth and a bed sheet in case the dog would give birth.

All the way, Frannie looked out the window, feeling that her life was changing.

And the truth is that she’s not threatened by veterinary euthanasia anymore, and this is the first step into the future.

The visitors spent the night safely at the hotel, then they set off and finally arrived at the headquarters of the organization that agreed to take on Frannie. Three days later, the puppies were born.

Nine dogs were born. Some of them are too weak and can’t seem to survive.

Fortunately, the foundation staff did not give up, and the sleepless nights paid off: all the puppies survived and became stronger!

As the months passed, nothing could break or disturb this lovely family.

Sometime later, after the puppies were healthy, they quickly found their home. By the way, Frannie was the first to be “adopted” here.

Frannie seems to like a woman named Lorraine. It shows love when being close to a woman.

Lorraine spent a lot of time taking the dog out to understand how Frannie would behave, but then she realized she couldn’t part with Frannie and decided to adopt the dog forever.

Frannie lives a happy life and has forgotten her painful past. Kim and the rest of the organization’s staff are overjoyed that they literally saved the dog at the last minute and didn’t let Frannie die.

Sometimes saving a small animal’s life is so easy, it’s just being there at the right time!

Dien Tran

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