Pregnant Dog Weakly Looks into The Eyes of Passersby Asking For Help, Hoping For Help!

The dog walked around the parking lot at the store and looked into the eyes of people as if begging for help. The animal was pregnant, its round belly stood out against the background of a too-thin, emaciated body.

The dog was breathing heavily, and it seemed that soon the last forces would leave her.

Noticed Lana’s tired dog. The woman realized that the animal would not survive on the street, especially since the dog’s belly indicated a close birth.

The woman decided to take the dog and take care of it. Lana took the dog to her friend, where the animal was able to eat and drink water, as well as warm up on a soft bed.

When the dog slept and warmed up, she was taken to the veterinarian.

Luckily, the doctor found nothing more serious than common fleas, and assured Lana that the animal was fully prepared for childbirth, which would begin in the coming days. Lana named the dog Mom and took her to her home for overexposure.

After a couple of days, Mom became a mother, because her puppies were born. Lana was amazed when it turned out that Mom gave birth to as many as 15 babies.

“My friend and I were trying to guess how many puppies she would have. I thought it was ten, but he was convinced that no more than eight. To be honest, we did not expect 15 kids,” the woman admits.

Mom’s labour lasted many hours, but she managed, to give birth to charming, and most importantly, completely healthy babies.

The dog completely trusted the people who saved her from life on the street.

She focused on taking care of her babies. But every time Lana and her friend came into view, Mom looked at them gratefully.

While more and more families continue to live with Lana, as soon as the puppies grow up and become independent, they will look for new families.

Dien Tran

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