An Abandoned Puppy Lived in A Shoe Until It Was Seen by A Volunteer… And The Story Afterwards…

The life of homeless animals is very difficult, their average life lasts no more than 3-5 years. The cause is an illness, lack of nutrition and frequent accidents.

Due to uncontrolled breeding and human irresponsibility, the ranks of “puppies” are regularly replenished.

Fortunately, more and more people are getting involved in animal rescues, so a volunteer from Serbia, Goran Marinkovic, became the lifesaver of an abandoned puppy.

Goran regularly feeds a group of homeless animals living near the landfill. Last March, as usual, he arrived with supplies for stray dogs and accidentally saw a black pile in the distance.

Goran came closer and saw a small puppy. The puppy looked worse than ever, thin, hungry, with painful eyes.

It didn’t even run away but lay next to a discarded sports shoe, apparently, the puppy was warming itself up by lying on the shoe because it was very cold outside.

Goran gave it some food and the little dog devoured it. There were no other puppies nearby, no nursing mother, and Goran realized that he couldn’t leave this little dog to die.

The man immediately brought the puppy with him. He named the dog Smith and let it live in his house. The dog is taken to treatment, is well fed, and cared for.

Within six months of being cared for, Smith became a cheerful and naughty young dog. Smith was destined to live well in Goran’s house and often played with the other dogs in Goran’s house.

You may not realize that Smith was once a small dog that almost died before meeting his beloved owner – Goran. Goran believes that stray animals need help.

You can be the savior for small animals, but the main thing is that you must remember your responsibilities before bringing your pet into the house.

Animals become homeless due to the fault of their owners, who don’t love animals. Stop Abandoning Your Animals.



Dien Tran

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