A Woman Walking in The Woods Found A “strange Thing” And When She Got Closer, She Discovered This…

The woman saw a creature near her house, lying in the snow, curled up and shivering with cold and fear. Obviously, the animal needs help.

A woman named Christina didn’t even realize it was a dog until she got closer. “I saw the dog’s tracks and they led me to this poor dog.”

It was lying in the snow, shaking, and looking scared, the woman said. She immediately decided to save the dog, and with the help of snacks, Christina lured him down to her basement.

She feeds him and warms him. The woman reported that she discovered this skinny dog ​​on her page on social networking sites.

Volunteers saw the post and immediately went to Christina; they reviewed the situation and took the animal away to send it to the veterinary clinic.

Officers determined that the dog had severe scabies that left its body with multiple cracks in its skin. After that, the dog began to be actively cared for by the team of doctors.

He is now completely safe and surrounded by the shelter’s care workers.

Most likely, Christina brought home a hybrid of a dog and a coyote. The doctors wondered if it was possible to tame such a creature.

As its skin recovers and health improves, it will be released back into the wild. Christina said: ‘If that poor guy was a dog, we would gladly adopt him in our family”. Be happy me!

Dien Tran

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