After Being Abandoned by His Owner In The Forest, This Dog No Longer Trusts Humans, It Becomes Afraid And When Someone Approaches, It Does This…

The frozen puppy clung to the post, trying to warm himself up a little in the snow. When they noticed him, the baby barked and screamed – out of fear, pain, and excitement when someone approached.

These sounds are heartbreaking as dogs cry only in their most desperate or life-threatening moments.

“It was curled up in the snow and clinging to a post,” said lifeguard Natalie Thompson, who received a report of an abandoned puppy in the woods.

He was noticed by the locals when they were walking with their dog. They called us, and thanks to them we found this dog in time

When the rescuer arrived and saw the puppy, she decided to videotape the encounter but didn’t expect it to react like this.

As soon as the girl began to approach the puppy, scared and excited, the dog started to scream miserably.

It also calls for help at the same time and is afraid of approaching humans – it may become defensive.

Humans can cause a lot of pain and suffering to a poor dog. But this dog also doesn’t know that human hands can harm but can also stroke it.

Rescuers wrote: “This unfortunate dog has touched us deeply. It was shaking and screaming in fear.”

The emaciated little dog did not believe that they had finally come to save him, and he even began to wag his tail humbly, and on the way to the shelter, he completely calmed down.

The dog was named Wieser. Examination revealed that this dog probably had a miserable past. It has no necklace and no tracking chip.

A deep wound was found under the dog’s front paw, leading veterinarians to think of traces of a tightrope.

Weiser has been given all the necessary vaccines, treated for the wound, and is ready to start a new life! While the dog is recovering and escaping the horror it endured, veterinarians are looking into the possibility that it may remain agitated for the time being.

Wieser was lucky then because doctors found temporary owners for it, it was loved by kind people once again. Now, Weiser learned all the joys of life with his new owner.

Fortunately, this dog’s traumatic past is just a distant memory and time will heal the wounds from its past.

As soon as it is healthy and recovered, it will be assigned to a new family, where Weiser will begin a new story in its life. Be happy with me!


Dien Tran

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