The Abandoned Mother Dog Was Hit by A Train, She Is Pregnant, And Who Will Raise the Puppies?

This dog’s name is Shi Bao – a canine heroine, who is forced to survive on the streets after a disaster befell it.

Once while Shi Bao was pregnant, she was hit by a train and lost her hind legs. But luckily, it survived and was even able to give birth to four wonderfully healthy puppies.

After that time, it still tries to raise the puppies with milk. It learns to balance and move on its own using only its front legs.

Losing its hind legs doesn’t make it any weaker. Because just looking at the way Shi Bao hugs his puppies with love, protecting them from the outside world is enough to understand how powerful it is.

She is a very active and confident dog who loves her puppies very much and is willing to do anything for them.

Passersby looked at Shi Bao and wondered how this little dog could cope with all the hardships he had to endure.

And it doesn’t matter who will help her puppies, because she is trying to make the mother dog love her puppies as much as possible.

Shi Bao is a mother dog who doesn’t care about the danger to raise puppies. It can do anything even though it only has two legs left.

Someone informed local leaders about Shi Bao’s case. We hope that one day soon, Shi Bao and her puppies will find a home.



Dien Tran

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