Trapped In a Ditch on A Snowy Night, The Poor Dog Froze… It Needs to Be Rescued Immediately.

I got a text from a friend early in the morning about a dog lying in a cold ditch.

I rushed to the scene, Chance (the dog’s name) used the last bit of strength to crawl up the road hoping for help, but she was so in love, how could she cross that 1m high slope? Its whole body is covered with snow, cold as an ice cube., there are many scratches on its body.

The dog’s time is then very precious, if it is late, it will most likely take its last breath in this place. At the hospital, I still couldn’t make Chance feel any warmer. The surgeon checked it, it had no broken bones, only bruises and scratches.

But what everyone wondered was that Chance ultimately refused food and water.

In the immediate future, the doctors will warm it up, and do everything to make this little dog’s happy life begin. Currently, there are still no accurate results about Chance’s condition.

But there are positive signs, the dog has started to rise, it cooperates and eats much better. What always baffles me is the fact that Chance can’t stand up even though the X-ray shows her bones and joints are entirely normal.

Maybe we need a good neurologist, magnetic resonance imaging and daily MRI diagnostics.

Chance was still in the intensive care of the nurses, training to get up as quickly as possible, but all efforts seemed to have no effect, he was still standing.

Although Chance had always tried hard. Looking at Chance at that moment, I felt stuck and didn’t know how to help her, finally that day I got the exact results about Chance from the vets.

Its tail was broken. The final lumbar vertebra injury, swollen spinal cord and concussion made it impossible to get up, but fortunately, all was handled gently by the neurologist.

And it won’t be long before Chance will be able to move on his own. Chance was adopted by a kind family.

The first day I met Chance but that day she was completely different, it was completely different when walking confidently, confidently exploring and confidently expressing herself in front of many people.

Chance’s health was completely stable, and she started having fun with other family members.

What surprised me is that Chance has begun to open more, he has learned to express his feelings, to be angry, to be happy and sad, and to cuddle, only love and absolute trust can have.

Chance is much healthier today, and I’m so proud of her. For Chance, every passing day has no limit.

There is only joy in life. It was the difficulties of the past that made his life more resilient than ever.


Dien Tran

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