The Mother Dog Curls Up to Protect The Suckling Cubs On Her Skinny Body, They Need To Be Saved…

Allah was a young mother who just gave birth a few days ago in the remote mountains. Every day Allah carried her puppies everywhere in search of food.

One by one, the puppies were trying to squeeze out the drops of milk on their mother’s thin body. But she always endured and protected the three puppies.

Her health was too weak after giving birth, she gradually exhausted. I couldn’t let this go on anymore, so I needed to get them out of here.

Allah and the puppies were transferred to the vet for observation. Looking into her tired eyes, I wanted to hug her and say that everything changed then.

Every day, they slept in a comfortable bed with delicious food Although she had to live a life without love, Allah was very sociable and friendly.

They were all very docile and adorable. Despite living in a bad environment, they seemed to be healthy thanks to drinking one hundred percent breast milk.

I spent most of my time with Allah and her puppies. I wanted to show her that the world is full of wonderful and good things.

The little angels were still growing. They were eating well and gaining weight steadily.

It seemed that the sad stories of the past had completely disappeared from the memory of Allah. Seeing beautiful puppies playing made me very happy.

Allah and the puppies would live in happiness and protection. Her eyes spoke volumes including happiness, gratitude, love, joy, and care.

Dien Tran

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