Abandoned Heartlessly in The Snow by Its Owner, it’s About to Lose His Life… Let’s See How This Puppy Was Saved

This English Bulldog is a week old with a leg that was gangrene at birth. Uncle’s fate was very disadvantageous, but he was not cared for and loved like his sisters.

The puppy did not bring economic value to the owner so when it was snowing outside, it was bone-chilling, but that didn’t stop the owner from thinking about it – he threw the poor puppy away. out in the snow and leave it alone.

The puppy lay alone in the bone-chilling cold, covered with snow. And then, fortunately, he was discovered by a kind passerby, wrapped in a warm towel, and brought him to us.

Just lie outside for another 30 minutes and the puppy will not survive. We named the puppy Draper and took him to the therapist for the best treatment.

Draper was put in a heater for 24 hours straight so he could regain his original body temperature, doctors washed the puppy’s snowy feet.

Draper is receiving daily dressing changes and laser treatment.

Our little Draper did a great job. When it opened its eyes, the dog’s eyes were very beautiful, bright like an angel.

It’s super cute, it uses its bright eyes to see the world around it.

Draper grew up day by day, began to explore everything around them, and make friends with other dogs and cats in the house.

Every day I take care of this little angel, I feel extremely happy and comfortable, Draper is no longer worried about the afterlife, be happy forever!



Dien Tran

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