The Dog Fell to The Foot of The Highway Bridge with A Height Of 30m And This Is the Miraculous Rescue Process.

The dog’s heartbreaking cry at the foot of the highway got our attention. With the rough terrain, we didn’t know what was up with this dog.

The dog lay at the foot of the bridge, wet and unable to move. Maybe the dog fell from the bridge, this is a very dangerous area, and it is raining so it is difficult to approach the dog.

With a height of nearly 30m, the dog has suffered multiple injuries, it can only lie there and wait for fate to arrange.

We were supported by the fire brigade. They will assist us in rescuing the dog.

By professional measures, they were able to reach the dog, but at this time the dog was in pain and panic, it took them almost an hour to bring the dog up. They named the dog Misha.

Misha is a very sad case because it is a miracle that she survived a fall from such a height. It is now with us and safe for the time being. Misha was hospitalized with multiple injuries all over her body.

Her femur fractured so horribly that the bone popped out of her skin. Broken both hind legs, broken both femurs and both legs dislocated the femoral head. He is a small dog about 1.6 years old, but what he is going through is beyond my imagination.

I keep praying that she can overcome this difficulty. The took about 17 -18 hours to save Misha’s life.

The open wound on Misha’s thigh had been invaded by larvae. The doctors cleaned her body, and everything was prepared for her, painkillers, emergency fluids, and we could only wait.

On the first day, after more than half a day of unconsciousness, Misha finally woke up to everyone’s surprise. Immediately, the boy was taken to the emergency room for further tests.

Ultrasound, X-ray of its legs, hips, and spine. It took the doctor 5 times to understand his fracture correctly from different angles, if the spleen was bleeding, they would do an open abdominal surgery. But thankfully, its condition is mostly stable.

The doctor gave him rest for the best health. The bleeding has stopped, the fluid in the abdomen has been successfully controlled by the doctors and painkillers have also helped Misha calm down.

Day 10, look how she tries not to let everyone down. It was able to feed itself, sit up and urinate. No matter how difficult things were, he and I went through the most difficult period of our lives.

On the 15th, Misha officially passed the risky surgery, she won, and maybe she knows for sure she will make it through. Right now, Misha needs to recover well. Its stitches are healing.

Every day the medical staff will examine and wash her wounds, “Do your best, we are always by your side cheering you on, do your best!”

According to the rehabilitation therapist, Misha will take at least a month to recover to enter a new phase of recovery. Please look forward to my and Misha’s big change in the coming days.

I trust she will not let you down, this is a very sad and difficult trauma case, and we always want a happy ending for Misha.


Dien Tran

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