This Dog Has to Live in Disease, Dirt, And Chains For 9 Years, It’s Ugly So People Shun It.

The first pictures show Mike breaking my heart, Mike, the street dog who has lived in sickness, dirt, and chains for 9 years.

It lived half-dead in a body full of bones, scabies, and dehydration.

He has multiple open wounds on his body. Even though I was busy with other things, I couldn’t let this old dog suffer another day. The very next day I went to find Mike. Its thin body was too weak to fight the disease.

Its eyes are deeply sunken because of its swollen face. Maybe Mike was deaf even though I tried calling out. Fortunately, Mike still has an appetite, which makes me sure to bring him back to normal.

We prepared everything to take Mike to the vet. I’ve never dealt with skinny cases like Mike’s, but it’s my vast responsibility.

I dreamed of a happy ending for this poor dog. On the test results, a bad thing happened, it was bone cancer. His hind ankle is severely deformed, and his hind leg will likely be amputated.

I pray that cancer will be treatable and not metastasize. First, Mike needs to stay with the vet for treatment, nutritional care, and immune boosting.

Mike has gained weight after a period at the veterinary hospital, he is fatter but needs more grooming.

Its fur has grown so much, it begins to have strong hopes for its future. I became friends with Mike, I went to the hospital twice a day, morning, and evening to feed him. I cook delicious food for her.

Mike was taken outside to see and breathe in the fresh air after the healing period. I’m sure it would love this. The dog’s fight against diseases is like running in a circle. Mike still had a fever and diarrhea for 2 days.

I fear that he has another intestinal disease. Mike was moved to Los Angeles for faster care for bone cancer.

Here, the doctors completely cured Mike’s intestinal disease. Doctors decided not to amputate the hind leg due to its age, it was too old. Finally, it has a kind family to adopt!

Everyone wants Mike to live the rest of his life without the street life anymore. From now on he doesn’t have to worry about the rest of his life, he will be happy forever.


Dien Tran

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