When The Dog Saw the Person, He Hid Under the Tree, His Eyes Panicked, The Person Was Covered in Mud, He Looked at Him with His Eyes Asking for Help.

Lava was found lying on the side of the road with her body covered in mud. Its hind legs are completely motionless.

When I arrived, she raised her head with a panicked expression and hurriedly ran away. Lava seemed desperate after all the bad things that had happened to her. But after I reassured it, it retreated into a small corner again.

It looked at me with eyes that seemed to say: “Please don’t leave me!”. I decided to save it after seeing her pathetic appearance. No matter how many problems she encounters. I will try to accompany Lava in her journey to find a new life.

I hope Lava doesn’t have any serious diagnoses. But what the doctor said made me extremely worried.

The broken vertebrae had split the spinal cord in half, making it weak. Even with surgery, her recovery was nearly impossible. Lava just lay in one place, eating and drinking with the support of medical staff. But at least, it did very well.

It wants to live and is fighting hard. Lava’s treatment is still ongoing. Every day she receives attentive care from all the medical staff.

Sometimes, Lava wanted to get up but couldn’t. We must wait patiently and give her more time to recover. It often starts the day with positivity.

Lava no longer lay still, but instead crawled and curiously looked around. I believe it will soon stand on all fours and happily run around and be able to play. The recovery took place in small but very solid steps.

When it does, it desperately needs warmth and care. All the best was given to Lava by the doctors.

I am extremely grateful to the medical staff for making her feel safe. I thought Lava wouldn’t get better anywhere but the vet hospital. But when returning to a new place, Lava will have more opportunities to express herself.

And rightly so, she has gradually mastered her legs. It is waiting for its new owner to come to pick it up. Lava is a smart and beautiful dog, as well as a very quick-witted and energetic dog.

What is happening shows that everything is not in vain. These are incredible efforts, the fruit of faith and hope for Lava. Be happy soon!

Dien Tran

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