This Dog’s Life Is Almost Buried in A Landfill, But It Still Tries to Wait for The Opportunity to Be Saved…

Caio was found in a dump in a very critical condition. But thank God he’s still alive… When I approached him and called him, Caio (the dog’s name) tried to wag his tail to show his joy.

He is very weak, and can’t even stand up, Caio needs to be washed before treatment at the veterinary hospital! It was diagnosed with ehrlichiosis (mite disease).

He was bleeding profusely from the tip of his ear, was severely anemic, and needed an urgent blood transfusion, and Caio was monitored 24 hours a day by medical staff.

Caio is fully awake and eats well after being taken care of. He must have spent many days without food.

Isn’t it nice to be able to eat when hungry? And this dog is fighting a lot for his life!

So much so that it forgot about the time it was put in the trash and left almost dead.

Day 16: Caio’s condition gradually improves.

For now, Caio has received the best treatments: Vaccinations and medicinal baths, and her skin has made many positive developments.

His ear is completely healed and is no longer bleeding. God gave him a second chance to know what true love is.

We promise not to let Caio lack anything, including care or love.

Day 31: Caio has been adopted and is leading a happy life. An active and energetic dog, it is gradually becoming chubby and very beautiful! People gradually forget about the miserable time it was before being rescued! Thank God, thank Caio for being so brave and strong.

Dien Tran

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