Despite Being Treated Cruelly by Humans, This Dog Still Manages to Drag Its Lower Half to Ask for Help…

When I found Santo, it couldn’t go anymore. It drags its paralyzed lower body and hind legs on every street. A lot of people didn’t help him but laughed and mocked him. I decided to take it to the vet hospital. After half an hour of driving, Santo and I went to the vet.

In the meantime, the neurologists check and do an MRI. My mouth does not stop praying for this poor boy. According to the X-ray, a bullet appeared in his spine.

That means surgery to remove the bullet is also futile. The possibility of recovery is slight, but recovery is not necessarily impossible. But if it’s successful, it can walk, or at least limp, then that’s a huge success.

At that time, Santo needed regular medical care. Along with that is the treatment with a rehabilitation specialist for at least 4 months.

Its cystitis gets worse. Some medicine has been prescribed and in the next week he will have to have another ultrasound.

I really don’t have much hope left, but for this guy, I will fight. At least for now, Santo is feeling good, eating well, and enjoying life.

But he was very tired of seeing the vets and he started barking loudly when the doctor passed by. Perhaps the space in the clinic is too tight and it feels claustrophobic.

But despite the circumstances, Santo always tries to cooperate with the doctors. As a result, Santo was completely paralyzed, he desperately needed care and someone by his side.

It is very sociable and fun, Santo has overcome many difficulties to be able to survive, just because of the cruelty of humans.

My heart breaks because we can’t make Santo healthy and fully recover because our possibilities are not endless. But soon I will buy a wheelchair to help him walk and play, at least he is healthy and safe with us!



Dien Tran

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