It’s Been a Month Without Water and No Food. What Happened to This Dog?

Jade (dog name) was found living alone in an abandoned house. Its body was thin, with only skin and bones because of a lack of water for a long time. About a month without water and without food made its body as if it was dead. Jade was obedient when I approached her.

It’s even so weak that it doesn’t have the strength to support its tiny head. And right after that, I took her away and went to the hospital to do the necessary checks.

It will be a long journey of healing, but I believe there will be a happy ending for this dog! On the third day, Jade was diagnosed with parvovirus. Everything she endured was not enough. Now she must continue to fight this terrible disease.

She still has severe diarrhea and weakness, but everything is under control. No matter how difficult it is, I believe it will pass. Be a strong girl.

Day 7 The PCR test was still positive for CINOMOSIS and PARVOVIROSIS, but Jade started eating again.

It has had to go through hunger, cold and disease but still fight for life. Jade deserves to be a strong warrior. She is getting smarter and more beautiful every day.

Remember the time to rescue Jade, now look completely different! It gained 2.3kg after 2 weeks of being rescued.

Day 21: The day Jade was discharged from the hospital was also the day she returned to her new owner. There’s nothing better than giving our warrior Jade the chance to have a home full of love.

This is the same person who has been taking care of Jade since her first days in the hospital – an employee at the hospital. I believe that with the new owner, Jade will have a happy and joyful life. I’m glad I was able to change her fate.

As an active and energetic dog, what Jade has is completely worth it. Jade was in her new home, sleeping peacefully on the bed in her mother’s room. Love you!

Dien Tran

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