The Dog Was Pushed Down on The Side Of The Road, Very Weak, He Could Not Stand And Desperately Waited For Someone To Save Him…

We found a poor puppy lying aside on the road like a broken toy. It looks like he is dying, he is in horrible shape. Just horrible, there are no words to describe this.

He is so dehydrated that his skin does not stretch anymore, and he is missing most of the hair…

His skin is dry and cracked and infected, he is like a skeleton with skin stretched on it. It is hard to find a place to put the needle to get the fluids in him.

The smell oozing from his infected skin is something I cannot describe. I have no words for this anymore. If we can make the thing that looks now impossible.

But his wonderful family will take good care of him and support his recovery.

Just pray for him. He was too weak to sit or stand or lift his head, he was just laying there motionless, not reacting to anything. Just before leaving for to vet clinic, his skin was so itchy he tried constantly biting and licking it to ease the itchiness.

At the Vet, Sakira also tested positive for Distemper.

Again, Sakira proved to be a fighter and he kept on getting better day by day. Our brave little puppy Sakira was up for a small moment, and he ate recovery food.

He also peed so I am carefully optimistic that he might pull this through. At least we try, very very hard, it will be another long night for both of us

Day 3: Little Sakira today enjoying some sunlight in the yard of the vet clinic Second day at the vet, he even tried to walk around a little bit following us at the yard.

After a few days at the vet clinic, he was already feeling much better and tried to play a bit.  Sakira’s first-ever toy was brought to him when he was at the vet clinic.

Day 15:  Sakira is in the yard of his foster home with his overalls on a colder day

Day 36: Hakira having fun with his friends Peanut and Charlotte Sakira is ready to get his first vaccines finally!

Day 43: A family from the Norway contacted my people and they want to adopt me!  Sakira now was adopted, and he found him forever home

Day 60:  Sakira is on his way to HOME! He has left Bosnia-Herzegovina for good and should arrive home tomorrow. so be prepared for the happy pics. He is still recovering

from tick fever and anemia, but his wonderful family will take good care of him and support his recovery.

Sakira now, one year after being rescued. Here you have it, Sakira in his forever home. Just look how amazingly handsome he is today!!

He did survive and grew up to be a beautiful young dog who is now happily adopted in Norway. Miracles do happen sometimes! Thank you so much for your always support!

Dien Tran

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