One Person Called Us While Crying When He Saw a Dyιng Puppy Lying on Cardboard… And Here’s The Story.

A crying person just called us because he just passed by on his scooter and saw this dying puppy lying on cardboard. She called the Environmental Police, but they say they can’t help because they don’t have a Veterinary.

We arrived!!! Please don’t leave us alone! This dog is so cold that it shakes constantly and has no life at all.

We picked up this dog to dry him with a towel and put it in the car poor, he feels warmer when he has new blankets and sheets.

He was brought to the vet clinic and given special care It’s very bad. His condition is critical he’s having to be infused with water and is on a pneumo-oxygenator God, you are also the father of that creature, please save him and give him a breath of life so that we can get help Veterinarians and nurses dedicated to saving him.

Keep it up brave guy We baptized her with her name: MOHAMED because the person you see next to her right now is an Argentine girl who passed through Panama Viejo on her scooter and since he saw her, he did everything possible to help her. In honor of her, we named Mohamed.

Mohamed is in urgent need of a blood donor. Please if someone has a puppy that can donate blood right now What a pain to see this and what a joy that there are people with big hearts let’s go in from now on, please and thank you God return them in Health and Abundance

What a pain, I can’t imagine everything that baby has suffered Mohamed is already receiving the blood transfusion. Many people are asking us how did she get to that state?

Exams reveal that his current condition is due to extreme malnutrition, acute dehydration, and a general deteriorating condition and multiple diseases.

I always wonder why so much cruelty with these little angels they are so loving they deserve to be loved and respected

Keep fighting Mohamed, just hold on a little longer, you’re safe now. Please, my people, everyone send your positive energies and love from where they are so that this little girl survives the night.

This is the first report we received early from the EMERGENCY VETERINARY OF OCTOBER 12 Mohamed has already fully received the blood transfusion.

Today is a crucial day for her, where every hour counts, and it is very important to see how she will react to the new blood in her body. It is 3:22 pm, this is the current condition of Mohamed. While she is hospitalized.

We are extremely happy to see how responsive she has been during the first 20 hours of rescuing her.

We are here with her visiting her, to remind her that since yesterday we will never stop holding her paw. We are here for her to feel like she will NEVER be alone again. SHE IS GOING TO LIVE. KEEP FIGHTING MOHAMED!!!

Today presents A BIG PREVIEW Eating by itself, much more alert. We are immensely grateful to the medical staff for their great efforts to save her.

If there is life, there is hope. That is why it is important as a Foundation to fight for each case. An Animal Rescue Foundation is created to provide HOPE to animals that have never had it

With immense joy we announce that MOHAMED is now out of danger and will soon be discharged from the Veterinary. We already have her in the temporary Home of the Foundation where she will finish recovering to HAVE A HOME very soon.

Mohamed beats every forecast and thanks to all the wonderful people who helped her, a new life begins today “Who saves a life, saves his soul” MOHAMED HAPPY TO BE BACK TO LIFE Infinite thanks to all the people who from 0:00 joined this case and made it so that today she can say: I SURVIVED GREAT MOHAMED

Dien Tran

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